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DASlive&drive Legal Expense Insurance


Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) is an insurance product that protects you in case of an unforeseen legal event by covering your legal costs and giving you access to experienced lawyers. DASlive&drive is an LEI policy that empowers individuals to defend or pursue their legal rights. This policy also provides unlimited access to general legal advice for any legal question, even if it is not covered by the policy.


For only $150/year (plus PST where applicable), with DASlive&drive, you are covered for:


  • Driver’s Licence Protection 
    If you face a suspension or revocation of your driver’s licence.
  • Contract Disputes
    If you face a dispute relating to selling or buying goods, or obtaining services.
  • Legal Defence 
    If you face criminal charges, a police investigation, or an occupational health and safety investigation in relation to your employment.
  • Property Protection 
    If you experience legal nuisances or trespass, or if someone causes physical damage to your property.
  • Bodily Injury
    If someone causes you or your family bodily injury
  • Tax Protection
    If you face an audit or wish to appeal a decision from the CRA


Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. Please read the policy wordings for full details.

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DASlive&drive in action


Insurance solutions for you and your family


Canadians face a variety of legal risks on a daily basis. From speeding tickets to tax audits, legal issues can have a significant impact on your family life and personal finances.

For only $150/year (plus PST where applicable), a DASlive&drive Legal Expense Insurance policy:

  • Protects you from costly legal expenses
  • Allows you to defend or pursue your legal rights
  • Provides unlimited access to general legal advice at any time


Every step of the way


DASlive&drive protects you and your family in every stage of your life, from buying your first car to renovating your home. When you are faced with an insured legal issue, DASlive&drive will cover your lawyer’s fees and legal costs, empowering you to take back control of your life. DASlive&drive gives you peace of mind and access to justice when you need it.


How will a DASlive&drive policy protect and empower you and your family?


DASlive&drive offers a policy tailored to you and your family’s personal needs, legal guidance, financial protection, and support. See it in action:

Laurent’s licence is suspended, threatening his ability to do his job.
DAS will assign a lawyer and cover all legal costs to defend him.
Rachel hires a contractor to repair her bathroom. The contractor abandons the job halfway through.
DAS will appoint a lawyer and pay legal fees to deal with the contractor.
Isaac has his brakes repaired at the local garage. After picking up his car, Isaac notices that the problem has worsened. The garage refuses to rectify the issue.
DAS will appoint a lawyer and pay legal fees to deal with the garage and negotiate repairs or a refund.
Nada’s neighbour cuts down a hedge that is shared with her property without consulting her first. This results in a loss of privacy for Nada. The neighbour refuses to pay for a new hedge.
DAS will assign a lawyer and cover legal costs to negotiate with the neighbour.
After an unfortunate work accident, Elizabeth is facing a health and safety investigation.
DAS will appoint a lawyer and pay legal costs to defend Elizabeth.
Haroon slips and falls in an unmarked puddle of water at a grocery store, resulting in injury.
DAS will appoint a lawyer and cover legal costs to take action against the grocery store.
Tam receives a notice of audit from the Canada Revenue Agency.
DAS will provide legal tax advice and cover legal costs after the first $500.
DAS will provide unlimited access to a general legal advice helpline to discuss any legal matter, even if it’s not covered by the policy.
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Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.
  • What is Legal Expense Insurance (LEI)?

    Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) is a unique product that helps individuals and business owners defend or pursue their legal rights if they have a dispute with another party. With the LEI coverage provided by DAS Canada, policyholders have access to legal advice and guidance, as well as financial security knowing their legal costs will be covered should they face an insured legal issue.

  • What do legal costs include?

    Legal costs include items like lawyers’ fees, charges for disbursements, and the opponent’s legal costs should you lose your case and be required to pay them.

  • Will my LEI policy cover ‘any’ legal dispute?

    DAS policies are designed to provide legal guidance and expense coverage for a wide range of common issues. The coverage provided under your particular policy is detailed in the policy wording; be sure to read it carefully. The DAS telephone legal advice line, however, will offer advice on any legal matter. For example, although family law is not covered under your policy, DASlive&drive policyholders can receive general legal advice regarding family law matters from the legal advice helpline.

  • How much does the policy cost?

    The annual premium for a DASlive&drive policy is only $150 (plus PST where applicable).

  • What happens if my own lawyer begins work on my dispute, before I notify DAS Canada?

    After reviewing your file, DAS assigns a legal professional with the specific skills, experience and background required for your case. However, if you are unhappy with your appointed lawyer, DAS will work with you to agree upon another qualified person.

  • If I have a legal problem before my policy starts, will it be covered?

    Matters you are aware of before the start of your policy are not covered.

  • What does ‘reasonable prospects’ mean?

    It is not in anyone’s best interests to support a frivolous lawsuit or claim which has little chance of success. In civil claims, the appointed lawyer must agree that the claim is more than likely to be successful in order for DAS to proceed. This is what the term, “reasonable prospects” means. Reasonable prospects must exist throughout the duration of a civil claim.

  • If I speak to the Legal Advice Helpline, does it automatically trigger a claim?

    No; when you call the legal advice helpline, DAS advice lawyers will first discuss your situation with you. If your issue is not covered by the policy, the lawyer will advise you on potential next steps to resolve it. If the advice lawyer believes you are facing a claimable legal event, your file is referred to the DAS Claims Department for a determination of coverage. If your legal issue is claimable, a panel lawyer is assigned. The assigned lawyer handles the case until its conclusion.

  • What happens if my legal costs end up going over my limit of indemnity?

    The indemnity limit shown in your policy is the maximum that would be paid out in the event of a claim. You are responsible for any costs over the indemnity limit, and DAS will inform you if it appears likely that it will happen with your claim.

  • My policy suggests that some disputes may be ‘negotiated for’ rather than simply pursued or defended in court. Why is this?

    It is often more beneficial for both parties to try and reach a settlement rather than go to court, as going to court can be stressful, expensive and time consuming. The majority of legal disputes are, in fact, settled by negotiation. DAS’ goal is to provide the most appropriate solution to your legal dispute, which may well be negotiation as opposed to going to court.

  • Does my policy cover criminal legal representation (ex. a policyholder is criminally charged with assault?)

    The DAS policy will only cover a criminal defence if the alleged criminal act was in relation to employment.

  • Will I ever meet with the lawyer face to face, or is everything over the phone?

    The initial contact with the DAS legal advice line and the appointed lawyer will be over the phone. After that, you can meet with your assigned lawyer face to face it that is what you want to do.

  • What are DAS privacy protection rules?

    Please visit to view the DAS privacy policy.

  • What does DAS stand for?

    Deutscher Automobil Schultz

  • What are other customers saying?

    “Please pass on my professional ‘thank you’ to everyone that was involved on the insurance and adjusting side of things. Our policy provided some reassurance and comfort during a chaotic time. Trust me, there was enough on my plate that having the response and assistance I received from your side of things made a huge difference at the end of each day …” – Glenn, a DAS customer from Oshweken, Ontario.

    “My son was ticketed for driving without his N decal (required by law for new drivers), which was stolen from his car while he was in a movie theatre at night. I called the DAS legal advice line – and the lawyer called back, did some research, called back again and gave us step by step instructions to follow. We did. My son had his ticket thrown out (saving him a few hundred dollars and points on his licence). It was a great experience for our family!” - Shari, a DAS customer from Vancouver, B.C.

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